When Planning a Company Picnic, An Inflatable Obstacle Course is a Must!

Ready, get set, go! Start from one end and come out at the other clearing many obstacles on the way on an inflatable obstacle course. Whether you come out quick or slow doesn’t matter. What matters is you have fun during the process. The different obstacles set in an inflatable course are mildly challenging. Some may be a little daunting also – for the lazy and slow ones. But the fit and active ones always love the challenges posed by the obstacles. Those who think that they are active and quick but are actually not, get a real assessment of their agility levels. That’s another fun aspect of the inflatable obstacle courses. By testing our mental and physical agility as well as maneuverability they provide pure enjoyment.

So what obstacles are presented by inflatable obstacle courses? They are numerous and depend on the creativity of the manufacturer. Pop ups, squeeze walls, pillars, crawl throughs, jump throughs, and rock climbing are some of the staple obstacles that are included in a typical inflatable obstacle course. You have to clear them and clear them fast. Climb the ladder, squeeze through the pillars, and slip down the slider to victory.

Isn’t your job like that? Isn’t life like that? We face obstacles everywhere. Even a simple thing as plucking a rose has one obstacle – we must avoid the thorns. Achieving a professional goal has many obstacles – internal and external competition, office politics, and the possibility of lack of recognition. Yet people strive to excel in their professions. In personal life too obstacles present themselves in the form of: lethargy, lack of motivation, paucity of time, and possible resistance from family members. Life is all about clearing these obstacles and moving ahead to achieve the set goals. So is the principle of an inflatable obstacle course. You clear the obstacles and move ahead as quickly as possible. There may not be any prize for doing this, any major recognition, or any pat in the back. You do it for the sheer fun on doing it and may be just a few cheers.

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There is no better way to test competitive spirit than with an inflatable obstacle course. For company picnics inflatable obstacle courses can bring out hidden talents in employees. When a low performer at the work place is beating his colleagues at the obstacle courses he is sending out a clear signal. Perhaps he is saying, “I too can perform well”. It is a signal for his boss to find out whether that person is being held back at the work place for some reason that is too big for him to handle. The boss can sort out his problem and allow him to perform with the agility that he exhibited at the obstacle course.

Away from the daily drudgery of all work, company executives and workers would love the opportunity to play on obstacle courses. What is special about this is that they will play with their colleagues, something which doesn’t happen on a regular basis. Apart from providing enjoyment inflatable obstacle courses will promote bonhomie among company employees and create an amicable atmosphere.