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The rates that we charge for a specific case are dependent upon the intensity of the charges, exacerbating elements, your previous criminal history (if any), are you on probation, your immigration status, accessibility of diversionary programs and the length of time we estimate that it will take to resolve your case.

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A minor criminal offense for a newbie culprit starts at $1,000 and up depending upon all the situations of your case. Prior to you choose to hire us, we will provide you with an exact quotation of what we will credit represent you in your case. There are no hidden surprises.

In this manner, there is no confusion. Please be cautious of any lawyer who advises you that they will let you know what their cost will after the case progresses or as they discover more about your case. This should be a substantial red flag. Payment plans.

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When interviewing legal representatives, it is constantly best to employ a legal representative who has currently handled numerous cases just like yours. This is a huge benefit. First. Your attorney has actually already been down the roadway on this sort of case and understands how to approach it and what is the finest strategy to get you the very best possible outcome.

He already has handled lots of cases simply like yours. If your legal representative has had experience with cases like yours before, he will be able to offer you some guidance on his expert viewpoint on what a few of the possible results of the case might be. On this note. Be very cautious and avoid any lawyer who specifies that he will “guarantee” any particular outcome.

With over 25 years of experience in the practice of criminal law, the Law Office of Allan F. Friedman has actually managed almost every element of the criminal law from traffic tickets to prosecuting cases successfully on appeal prior to our Appellate Courts and the Supreme Court of Connecticut. All too often, clients keep some super costly big shot lawyer and spend a big quantity of money on a significant retainer, and when the Court date gets here, the big shot legal representative is nowhere in sight.

What You Wished to Know About Lawyer

Instead of the considerably knowledgeable and skilled expert that they worked with now, the individual in fact who will be doing the representation in Court is a damp behind the ears kid straight out of law school. Sadly, this is a typical practice. At the Law Workplaces of Allan F. Friedman, I believe in building personal relationships with my customers.

I will consult with you throughout the preliminary assessment. I will hear the truths of your case. I will talk about the strategy with you to resolve your case. I will be personally working with you step by action throughout the procedure to the conclusion of your case. I believe that this type of direct personal relationship and connection is the most efficient way in which to keep you notified about the progress of your case, respond to any concerns that you might have about the procedure and to minimize your level of stress and anxiety and try and make your path through the criminal justice system as pain-free as possible.

Friedman you decided to hire a professional criminal defense lawyer with over 25 years of experience, which is who will be standing by your side throughout the entire procedure from the starting to the end. Let’s face it being charged with a crime is an extremely demanding procedure and time of your life.