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At an English soccer match in 1930, the only jerseys you ‘d see were on the players. Nobody was going shirtless. Nobody was painting their face. The clothes for the crowd hewed towards what we would today call “business”: slacks, collared shirts, ties, fedoras, overcoats. There was, nevertheless, one aspect of everyday dress that gets in touch with a modern day soccer match: the headscarf. In this brief clip from British Path of a West Ham match from that year, you can see the after-effects of an objective and a few supporters twirling their headscarfs in the air in a style no doubt familiar to anyone who’s been to an MNUFC match.

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Although the Cambridge Rules were developed in 1848, it wasn’t until more than 20 years later that teams even started to wear consistent colors to distinguish the teams on the pitch from one another. As they did, though, teams began to develop identities around their colors, like Arsenal’s signature red and white set from 1933 when a plain red long-sleeve shirt with white shorts was replaced by a much flashier (by the requirements of the day) red kit with white sleeves and a white collar. As soon as these colors were developed, they started to make their way in simple alternating patterns onto knit scarves.

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It kept you warm and the splash of color assisted support your kids on the pitch. It was practical, and that fit the fans of the time well. Gradually, other components were contributed to the headscarfs: club names, badges, more complicated color patterns. Eventually, scarves were made to celebrate particular matches and occasions. The soccer scarf had grown from a subtle adjustment of an everyday clothes item to a badge of honor or a memento of a minute. And in America where soccer the video game is wildly popular however the rituals and traditions of the expert sport are unidentified relative to those of most sports the soccer scarf is a method to pledge loyalty and likewise stand out.