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We’ve created 150+ of these fundraising ideas into one legendary list so you can quickly find a fundraising idea that is the very best fit for your cause.: Occasions + Virtual Events Occasions have constantly been among the most popular ways for companies to fundraise. Lots of occasions are naturally based in peer-to-peer fundraising, sponsorships, ticket sales using a mix of techniques to fundraise.

This is a great fundraiser that brings your existing supporters together with prospective donors from your community. Host A Marathon How It Raises Cash: Peer-to-Peer, Sponsorships, Expense: Difficulty: Outcome: Raise money by having your advocates run for your cause.

Conside doing these month-to-month + encourage month-to-month repeating contributions. Livestreamed Occasion How It Raises Cash: General Donations, Cost: Problem: Result: Host a live streamed event with unique visitor speakers and entertainers.

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Virtual Trip How It Raises Cash: Recommended contribution, Expense: Problem: Result: If you fundraise for a physical area, think about turning your tours into virtual trips. You can ask people to donate the price of a ticket, and take individuals through the space through video.

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Shave Head How It Raises Cash: Online, Peer-to-Peer, Sponsorships, Expense: Difficulty: Result: Comparable to the St. Baldrick’s Day fundraiser, ask fans to look for sponsorships to shave their head. Factors to consider: Head shaving is bound to draw a crowd, so notify your local media beforehand to increase the possibility that the event will be covered in the paper and throughout the evening news.

Plan ahead and provide individuals handouts or elevator speeches to share with curious family and friends. Here’s how Testicular Cancer Foundation activated law enforcement officer and firefighters to grow a beard + raise funds. 25. Cold Water (aka Polar) Plunge How It Raises Cash: Sponsorships, Entry charge, Expense: Trouble: Outcome: Take advantage of winter season weather with a cold water plunge.

Save Time and Money With Fundraising Ideas

Considerations: You’ll require a cold body of water, eager plungers, insurance coverage, and medical specialists on-hand. This charity event takes some preparation, but you’ll be rewarded by seeing the number of loyal advocates you have that are ready to leap in cold water to financially support your cause. 26. Sleep Out How It Raises Money: Peer-to-peer, Sponsorships, Cost: Problem: Result: If you’re a youth or homelessness charity, a sleep out is an over night challenge that the entire community can do together.

Virtual Conference How It Raises Money: Entry cost, General contributions, Expense: Difficulty: Result: Host a virtual conference occasion aka an Unconference. This might be a day-long series of talks and workshops all hosted online where individuals can call into the different occasions. These type of occasions can quickly be worked on a tool like Zoom.

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Paint and Drink How It Raises Cash: Entry fee, General donations, Cost: Difficulty: Result: Host a paint and sip night to help raise funds; offer drinks and food for additional earnings. Considerations: This is an event that can be adapted to a range of causes.