In this article we are going to give you information about GI Joe Costumes. Before we begin we want to let you know that there are no specific GI Joe Costume. GI Joe stands for The “Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity.” The characters of this organization has the purpose in life is to confront Storm Shadow and Cobra of the Cobra Organization.

Costumes for members of the GI Joe Organization include Duke and the Snake Eyes. 1983 costume gi joe cobra troopers are Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander. As reported there is no specific costume for GI Joe. Adult, adult plus, and children size are available. Children and adults that wear these costumes will be able to live out their fantasy for an evening or during a theme party. That is the reason why children and adults alike love to wear these costumes.

The GI Joe characters Duke and Snake Eyes always seem to do the right thing no matter what it takes and represent honesty. On the flip side Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander are dedicated to controlling and taking over. These GI Joe characters and Cobra Organization characters can be discovered in cartoons, comic books, and movies.

Where to Find a Duke, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Cobra Commander Costumes

You can find these costumes in stores such as department stores, party stores, and costume stores. They are usually only available in stores during the Halloween season. But you can buy them all year long through the internet. If you go online and put in the words “GI Joe costume” a lot of sites will come up. Select a website and review the picture and description for each Duke, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Cobra Commander Costume. You will find information about the outfits and there prices. They will also give you the opportunity to buy these costumes online. Once you place an order the online website will ship it to your home.

Where Can These Costumes Be Worn

These costumes can also be worn to Halloween parties. The Duke and Snake Eyes costumes will represent strength, power and honesty to all those at the party. But the Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander Costumes project a feeling of control and evil. These outfits can also be worn for trick or treating on Halloween. Your child will have a blast running around your neighborhood with his/her outfit. Another place that a child can wear these costumes is at themed birthday parties.

What Makes These GI Joe Costumes Unique?

You can find Snake Eyes, Duke, Storm Shadow, and Cobra Commander Costumes for both Adults, Adult Plus, and Children. The Duke costume includes a black jumpsuit with stuffed armor torso and mask. The Snake Eyes Costume features a black jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms, attached arm guards and leg holsters, as well as a matching fabric hood with visor. The Storm Shadow Costume includes a white ninja-style top, an attached belt, pants that are white, a fabric hood, and fingerless gloves that are white. Cobra Commander Costume features a blue jumpsuit with a collar and belt, black elbow length gloves, a blue and white helmet, and matching boot covers. To complete the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow Costumes add a sword.

These costumes are fun filled outfit that will thrill anyone that wears them. Of course these costumes can be worn by little girls. Since they are online all year round it makes it easy to purchase and wear them anytime during the year. Let your imagination run free while wearing these costumes.

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