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When we refer to, “electricians,” we’re speaking about tradespeople that install and repair circuitry discovered in buildings and the various electrical systems found within them, consisting of HVAC, security, lighting and computer system network systems. Today’s electrical contractors can be divided into four primary categories: These electricians work in home residences that can vary from single-family homes to big apartment building.

These electrical contractors install and repair electrical systems found in existing business buildings, new construction, and restoration jobs. These electrical experts perform upkeep and setup of electrical parts and equipment discovered in commercial settings. This might include working with high-voltage electricity at industrial production locations. As their name indicates, these electrical experts are involved with low-voltage systems that primarily include voice, data, and video (VDV) networks and systems.


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Their work usually focuses on phone lines and fiber optic cable repair work and setup in any setting where these materials are utilized. You will discover that some states integrate a few of these classifications. For instance, some states might combine domestic and low voltage into one category. Others may combine business and industrial electricians into one classification.

At the end of the day, specific job responsibilities are what actually define what it implies to be an electrical contractor. Take electrical wiring a home, for example. As electrical contractors carry out large-scale property wiring projects, they follow the series revealed here while sticking to particular rules that refer to code, performance, safety, and even aesthetic appeals: Main electrical service connection to the house overhead or underground connectionLighting lighting fixture, light switches, closet lighting, and outdoors lightingElectricity for ventilation, a/c, and ceiling fansPower outlets some state codes require tamper-resistant receptacles (TRRs) that assist to prevent kids from inserting objects such as paperclipsGround connections on power outletsGFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters, often reduced to GFI) on outlets/breakers in places where water is typical like restrooms, garages, and outsideCircuit for a warm water heaterCircuit for heating and a/c unit unitsOutside lighting/powerWasher, clothes dryer, and stove, which require independent 220 volt circuitsBreaker box/panel and circuit breakersLow voltage electrical wiring for voice, information, and cable/videoElectricians set up materials connected with each type of electrical wiring system in accordance with their understanding of the electrical theory that underlies them.

In reality, a lot of the most important gods of folklore were those with the power to wield electrical power in the form of lightning: Zeus for the GreeksTlaloc for the AztecsIndra for the HindusThor for Norse mythologyRaijin for the Shinto in Japan (celebrated as Raiden in the Mortal Kombat computer game franchise)While there might have been some close calls along the roadway to discovering how to make electrical energy work for mankind, it wasn’t till around 1600 that considerable steps towards understanding electromagnetism were made.