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Looking for Walk in Tubs in Los Angeles?

We are here to help!

Walk in Bathtubs USA distributes a premium walk in bathtub made in the USA of the highest quality components.  Because you deal directly with our team, and not with a local (high rent) showroom we are able to save you 30% to 40% off a similarly outfitted walkin bathtub.

Why Our Tubs are Better

Our tubs are better than everything else you have looked at for many reasons.  Click on each of the features below for an in-depth look at our incredible features.

One inch entry and exit from tub

Due to the frame-less design the Easy Step tub actually sits on the floor.  Allowing the door of the Easy Step to have the lowest step in height of any walk in tub on the market.

Premier chrome faucets and hand shower with ceramic fittings

Fixtures are the Premier Price-Pfeister with a retail value of over $700.00. Faucets have an easy divert-er that changes water from the roman tub spout to the hand-held shower. Ceramic fittings with a lifetime warranty.

Seat cushion and head pillow

The Easy Step comes standard with comfortable seat cushion and head pillow

Easy door handle to open and close

The Easy Step special door latch is oversized and designed to allow people who have difficulty gripping to easily open and lock the door.

Large door with curve for easy entry

The large door and curve of the door makes entry and exit very easy to do without help.

Drains 2 minutes faster than tubs supported by a metal frame

Because tub sits flat on the floor, no extension pipe needed from the bottom of the tub to the drain. This lets the tub drain 2 minutes faster than any other tub with a metal frame.

Standard colors are white and bisque/cream

Both colors compliment a wide variety of bathroom interior colors.

Frameless design is superior to all other competitors

Having no metal frame allows the Easy Step to have the following benefits.

  • Tub sits flat on floor, with only a 1 inch step in entry, instead of a 4-6 inch entry of a framed tub.
  • When standing, showering, or climbing in, no oil can effect on the bottom of the tub. No wobble or movement.
  • Because tub sits flat on the floor, no extension pipe needed from the bottom of the tub to the drain. This lets the tub drain 2 minutes faster than any other tub with a metal frame.

Holds approximately 42-50 gallons of water

The heater system keeps the water circulating an warm throughout your entire bath.

Full front access panel makes any maintenance much easier

The front panel on the Easy Step is completely removable.  This allows for easy maintenance of all tub components.

Three times thicker and stronger than other tubs

The tub is made of fiberglass not acrylic, and gel coat is the surface material used on multi-million dollar yachts that are out in the weather and water year round. They maintain their beauty for decades.

Twenty-five year warranty

A 25 year warranty is provided for the Easy Step on the tub, door, door seal, hinge and handle. A lifetime warranty on the spa components is provided by their manufacturer and a limited lifetime warranty on the faucets is provided direct from their manufacturer.
Each Easy Step Walk in Tub has been independently tested by our experts, and is guaranteed to provide years and years of dependable use, without fail.

Replaces and fits into the space of an existing bathtub

Most of the time your installer will be able to finish the install of the Easy Step within one or two days.

Weighs approx. 175 lbs

This allows for easy installation by your local handyman.  We recommend Mr. Handyman 1-877-674-2639

How Does the Process of Purchasing and Installing Work?

The first step is to contact our team of experienced walk in bathtub consultants to discuss the features and to give you a firm price for the tub.  Remember, all shipping is included in the price and our tubs are 30% to 40% less expensive than comparably equipped tubs.  You end up getting a better tub for less money than you can find locally in Los Angeles.  Our prices are below the manufactures suggested price and therefore are not displayed on our website.

After you have made a decision and have purchased your bathtub we will arrange shipping.   Installation is easily handled by a local handyman and we help you find the best company to work with if needed.  The installation takes only a day or two and our tubs fit in the space where your standard sized bathtub is located today.

Please take some time to read our FAQ page for more information on installation and the sales process.

Ready to find out more?

Our team is ready to help in Los Angeles.   In just a few weeks you (or your loved one) can be experiencing the joy and comfort of safely bathing without the worry of slipping or failing while entering or leaving the tub.   According to the CDC falls by adults over the age of 65 have risen sharply over the last decade. (see study)   Purchasing a walk in tub from WalkinbathtubsUSA.com is a wise investment in your (or your loved ones) comfort and safety.   Contact Us today!