Walk in Bathtubs
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Easy Step – The Lowest Step In Height of Any Walk In Tub

Taking a bath, is one of those little things we all do that makes life that little bit more pleasant. There’s little better in life than spending a hard day at work, or a day spent gardening, and then relaxing in a nice hot bath.

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So how can we make this experience even more pleasant?

Well, to make your bath-time even more luxurious, you should consider investing in one of our exceptional walk in bathtubs.

These walk in bathtubs are especially a good idea for the elderly and less able, but also for everyone else. Your time spent in the bath should be all about comfort, so what’s more comfortable than walking into a bathtub rather than climbing over the side.

The fitted seat cushion and head-rest provide an extra layer of comfort. It’s hard to contemplate how comfortable this is unless you have actually tried it. But whereas the water itself gives a person a feeling of weightlessness that provides comfort, adding the cushioned seat and head-rest takes it to a new level of comfort.

Hydro air or water jets which can be added individually or as a combination of both, provide a very pleasant experience for the user that just adds to the overall experience to make your bath-time the highlight of your day.


Not only is it more comfortable, but also safer

With an entry point that is just 2 ½ inches or less off the ground, you do not have to stretch or over-extend yourself in any way to enter and exit the bath. Many people suffer accidents in the bathroom every year. There are 25,000 annual deaths in the USA from falls, a large proportion of which happen in the bathroom as people are entering and exiting the bathtub.

This problem is even more pronounced among the elderly.  The frame-less design of this bathtub allows for the smallest step-in height of any of the walk in bathtubs on the market, which helps prevent accidents from happening.

Walk in bathtubs are also easy on the eye


The look of the bathroom is changed a great deal by the addition of this walk in bathtubs. It gives the bathroom a more modern feel than a conventional bathtub might. It fits perfectly into the space of any existing tub and features a large door which is 17 and ½ inches at it’s maximum width. And provides more than adequate space for entry and exit, whilst allowing the tub to be of a greater height than a conventional tub.

This extra height increases the water holding capacity of this walk-in bathtub when compared to conventional tubs. And it still manages to drain in 2-3 minutes. It can hold between 42-50 gallons of water and has a weight capacity that is double that of a conventional bathtub.

The door handle is easily opened and the grab bar can be placed exactly where the individual requires it. This helps ensure that those who have difficulty entering and exiting a normal bathtub can bathe independently without the need for assistance.

Everything about these walk in bathtubs is of exceptional quality.