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Are you having troubles getting in and out of your bathtub?

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image handicap accessible bathtubs +

Easy Access

with wide doors

image adds a nice modern look to your home +

Match any Decor

adds to aesthetics

image From shower heads to quick drain systems +


safety features

walk in bathtub

walk in bathtub wall height

One of the most talked about features we often hear people love is the wall height.

Tubs with a higher wall height often times make it easier for people to relax as they are not trying to figure out how to get comfortable in the tub.

inline bathtub heater

Inline Heater

Inline bathtub heaters are becoming more and more popular as they become more affordable.

The added ability to add an inline heater to almost any jetted bathtub is a great selling feature.

easy installation

Easy Installation

One of the great things about a new walk in bathtub is the easy installation in most cases. Often times it can be installed in the same location as your original bathtub.

Walk in Bathtubs

walk in bathtubs

Walk in bathtubs, offer many great features over traditional bathtubs, from the added features of easy access to being a self cleaning system.

if your mobility is not where it once was a walk in bathtub could be the perfect solution to helping you earn some independence again.

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Top Features

easy to use Ease of access and safety. +
heated bathtub Built in heaters to keep your water warm. +
jetted tub for massage Jets for nice relaxing massages. +